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Complete G19 or G17 OEM parts kit for gen 1-3, 3 pin for 115.0 complete kit.

Glock Gen 1-3 OEM 80% kit INTRO Price 115.00 shipped.


These are the best Glock 80% kits you can get at a unbelievable rock bottom price, don't buy some China junk Glock kit cuz I promise anyone trying to be cheaper than us thats what they are doing?

Our parts are FROM factory authorized direct DEALERS, plus we are offer  a pair of GLOCK OEM night sights for only 20.00 when you purchase one of our kits, THATS RIGHT ONLY 20.00 who does that? All for only 115.00 WITHOUT the sights, and 135.00 WITH, Cmon guys Im giving these away at this price, and if you want a upper kit only or a lower kit only just ask! we will make up any kind of parts package you want.