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Yes you heard that right in the middle of this crazy time where its getting next to impossible to get these parts, now get them not only factory new but the best possible price around.  Just so were clear this is what your getting, so you get your C marked CARRIER, AND MPC MARKED BOLT, FULL AUTO PROFILE, These were the current production BCGS before they switched over to no markings at all. Get your BCG now before you never get that kind of opportunity again.Im not joking when Colt starts filling orders again good chance you may never see a C marked BCG again.(THESE ARE NOT THE STAMPED C FROM MANY YEARS AGO) These are brand new, get them quick! These are IN STOCK S.A.C. PRICE  175.00 SHIPPED!

COLT M4 Uppers 14.5 C marked. W/ KAC RAS rail.

Colt 14.5 complete uppers comes complete with bcg and CH these are the good ones. Always limited stock.

ALL UPPERS ARE "C" MARKED, receivers,barrels,bcgs these are chrome lined barrels, and stamped bcgs. S.A.C PRICE 650.00 SHIPPED! TEMP OUT OF STOCK.

COLT P/N 62249 Vietnam era "Silent Sling"

COLT M16 SILENT SLING.only 10.00 each added to any order.


Once again with the cloners in mind now while your in the middle of getting everything you need for your build do you want to worry where the sling is coming from.

Heres a no brainer known as the Silent sling in Vietnam these slings have it all to go right on that M16 and work well. There mint in that package it took the abuse so the sling didn't. SAC Price 10.00 each IN STOCK. 


Colt AR15 parts

Colt Keyhole Upper receiver combo, includes Colt Full Auto BCG for 235.00

Colt " Keyhole" Combo

Includes Colt Keyhole upper receiver and Colt FA BCG for only 235.00 shipped! These are Genuine Colt parts with all exact markings.TEMP OUT OF STOCK. CK BK SOON.

Colt Square Upper receiver

Colt Square Upper receiver

Colt Square upper receiver is from the Brass forge and is yet another awesome Colt upper receiver. We have these by them selves for 125.00 or with a Colt FA BCG for 235.00 TEMP OUT OF STOCK CK BK SOON.

Colt 22 piece lower parts kit with no safety or FCG.

Colt 22 Piece LPK NO FCG or Safety

Colt lower parts kit minus the FCG and safety. This kit gives you the quality of Colt while still letting you get your other upgraded performance parts. S.A.C price 55.00 each. TEMP OUT OF STOCK.



Yes that title says it all we still have secured a small lot of these awesome Colt 11.5 FBI barrels but this could be our last haul of them?

Well we hope not but they have been a bitch to find, with all these Colt parts that other dealers are holding or selling for jacked up prices its just crazy to get parts rite now.

Get your Colt 11.5 FBI/HRT Barrel it may be in blue bag it may not? BOTH ARE BRAND NEW either one.. These are premium Colt barrels, there getting very hard to get the current savings getting your Colt 11.5 FBI barrel from us instead of somewhere else is worth around 60.00 to you, so shoot us a hello when ordering we work for you.




These are RARE stamped BCGS from 10 years ago plus there in immaculate condition these are Colt BCGS when Colt made them in house with Pride. If you want QUALITY at its finest this is it.


Colt FA Bolt Carrier Group

Colt Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group

Battle Proven and simply the best you can buy for your M16/AR15 ,COLT AR15, COLT M4 this full auto Bolt Carrier Group will not let you down. ITS Chrome lined, MPC marked and gas checked - it simply has it all! TEMP OUT OF STOCK S.A.C. PRICE 

Colt Cage Code CH

Colt Cage Code Charging handle

Colt Cage Code Charging handle is one of the best CH you can have. It has a extra durable coating on it that keeps dirt and gas from coming into the shooters line of sight. 39.00 each. OUT OF STOCK NO B.O. ON THIS ITEM.


M4A1 SOCOM 14.5 Colt

Colt M4A1 SOCOM - these have the Socom profile, chrome lined Heavy barrel in 14.5" and the Knights M4 Rail. We do expect some of these to be coming in with the rest due here soon. OUT OF STOCK MORE COMING SOON.


Colt 11.5 Commando HBAR FBI HRT

Colt commando heavy barrel 11.5 FBI HRT barrel comes with a chrome lined barrel, M4 feedramps, gas port .070 Ideal for 5.56 ammo and fast rates of fire. This is a complete upper includes Colt F/A BCG and Colt CH. We typically install a MaTech rear site on these. S.A.C Price  . OUT OF STOCK MORE COMING SOON


Colt 20" A2 or A1 used and new barrels

Colt A2 & A1 20" barrels chrome lined typically we get them with M4 feedramps but not all the time, we sometimes get FN as well. This is a now and then item, we get them new and used please ck bk with us. S.A.C price  300..00 SHIPPED. OUT OF STOCK. 


Colt 10.3 uppers with fsb, complete

Colt 10.3 upper with fsb, chrome lined barrel, M4 feed ramps, gas port size .070, also comes with KAC M4 RAS handguard installed. If you do not want the KAC M4 please notify us and we will deduct 150.00 off the total. S.A.C price 750.00 CUSTOM ORDER ONLY S.A.C PRICE 750.00 TO 800.00 / 2 WEEK TURNAROUND.


S.A.C Best Seller! Colt Combo Upp & BCG

Our #1 Best Seller is the Famous Colt Combo. We offer 1 Colt upper your choice of square forge or keyhole (only when ample stock) and 1 Colt F/A BCG for S.A.C price of 235.00. OUT OF STOCK CK BK SOON ETA HOPEFULLY ANYDAY NOW?


Colt 11.5 FBI HRT barrel

Colt 11.5  FBI HRT barrel, chambered in 5.56, m4 feedramps, 1/2x28 tpi, gas port size is .070. Ideal for 5.56 ammo or high rate of fire - this barrel WILL NOT leave you hanging. S.A.C SALE PRICE 280.00 SHIPPED TEMP OUT  STOCK.

Colt Small AR parts

Colt A2 Muzzle brakes

Colt A2 Flash hider, 5.56 muzzle brake, Colt OEM part. Colt military part.

Colt A2 muzzle Brake.It's threaded in 1/2x28tpi and is bored in 556/223 S.A.C price 15.00 each.IN STOCK

Colt Side Sling Swivel

Colt side sling swivel, Colt oem part, Colt military part.

Colt side sling swivel. These are getting very hard to find and source - if you see them in stock grab it while you can. S.A.C price 55.00 IN STOCK

Colt H2 Buffer(4.6oz)

Colt H2 buffer, Colt H buffer, Colt H3 buffer, Colt OEM part.

Colt H2 heavy buffer. These are sweet especially if your shooting the 10.3 barrels or the 11.5s. These are 4.6oz and are perfect for your next pistol build. IN STOCK  S.A.C PRICE: 40.00

Colt Carbine,Mid,Rifle tubes

Colt Carbine tubes, Colt Mid size tubes, Colt Rifle tubes.

Colt carbine gas tube, as well as rifle, and mid size gas tube. Made of stainless steel these guys are tougher then your normal gas tubes and hold up well in full auto fire. S.A.C price 25.00 each ALL 3 IN STOCK

Colt "MPC" Bolt

Colt MPC marked bolt, Colt Bolt, Colt OEM part, Colt BCG, Colt full auto Bolt

Colt MPC marked original bolt only. These are the best you can buy as far as bolts go for your AR15/M16. Colt is a name you can trust. S.A.C price 60.00 each.OUT OF STOCK

Colt Delta Ring Assembly

Colt Delta ring assembly, snap ring, weld spring, Colt OEM part.

Colt Delta ring assembly, includes, snap ring, and weld spring, everything you need to secure your barrel onto the receiver. S.A.C price 25.00 Each.IN STOCK

More Colt Parts

Colt "Waffle" buttstock

Colt waffle buttstock, original Colt buttstock, cage code buttstock. 4U486

Colt Waffle stock has all markings to make it a genuine Colt stock - 13629 under finger adjustment, then 4U486 in front of it. These are it built very strong. S.A.C price 35.00 Each.IN STOCK

Colt 4 Pos. Receiver Extension


 Colt 4 position receiver extension. These are a rock solid buffer tube, they have 4 adjustable positions and are a mil spec size. S.A.C price 50.00 each OUT OF STOCK

Colt FSB

Colt A2 FSB,front sight block, front sight tower, tower, Colt OEM parts.

Colt FSB this is a F marked PART we have them in .625 & .750 and it is a take off part. Please ck for availability S.A.C price 45.00 each IN STOCK

Colt 10.3 Cut Downs.


Colt 10.3 Cut Down barrels. These barrels either start out as 14.5 Colt socoms or 11.5 Colt commando barrels and are cut down to spec size by a master gunsmith employed by us with over 40 years of experience. Contact us for pricing and availability.TEMP OUT OF STOCK.

Colt upper parts kits

Colt Complete Upper Parts Kit for your M4 Receiver.

These are priced right! Get yourself Authentic Colt quality in a upper parts kit. It includes: Dust cover, port door, forward assist, all springs and pins plus rod and c clip as well. S.A.C price 55.00 IN STOCK

Colt Carbine or Rifle buffer spring

Colt carbine spring, Colt M4 spring, Colt rifle buffer spring, buffer spring, Colt oem parts

Colt Carbine spring and or Colt rifle spring. This is the spring for your buffer tube/ receiver extension. S.A.C price 15.00 each. IN STOCK



Colt A2 upper receiver

Colt A2 upper receiver from various forges we get these in now and then they will be in new condition. UNASSEMBLED. OUT OF STOCK CK BK NEXT MONTH.


COLT M4 GOVT. 14.5

COLT 14.5 M4 GOVT. these are the favorites here at Shark headquarters, just something about a Colt M4 that gets your blood pumping, these come complete with all Colt parts including Colt BCG and CH some of them are caged marked some are not, they all have Knights M4 rails w/3 panels.625.00 Shipped. WE HAVE SMALL AMOUNTS ALWAYS COMING IN AND OUT, SO PLEASE CK WITH US ALWAYS. 650.00 SHIPPED!



WE also sell just the 14.5 govt Colt barrel as well,(barrel only) the problem is keeping them in stock? I have customers who will buy me clean out before the barrels ever make it to the site.We are working like crazy to try and solve that problem.IN STOCK  S.A.C  PRICE 200.00 GENTLY USED.

Small COLT parts. Part 2

COLT Firing Pin


COLT AR-15 Firing pin, will work on most Colt AR variants. S.A.C PRICE 9.00  IN STOCK






COLT retaining pin for COLT BOLT. S.A.C PRICE 5.00 IN STOCK

COLT Bolt Carrier( Carrier Only)No C Marking.

COLT NON Marked C Carrier

Pic Coming Soon. Colt Full Auto Profile Carrier Only. We received a very large batch sometime ago of non marked C from Colt so we got a bright idea to sell them at a huge discount, so this is still for the carrier only but these are new we only nicknamed them blems same COLT quality as the rest with no C. S.A.C PRICE 50.00 LIMITED QUANTITY, OUT OF STOCK.

COLT Bolt Carrier ( Carrier only ) Auto Signed

Colt Carrier Auto Signed C

 Colt Full Auto Profile Carriers Only. These are current production carriers still have the C on the side but they do that with whats called:"Auto Signed" its not very deep engraved in the carrier but lets you know you bought a Colt.S.A.C Price 75.00  LIMITED QUANTITY : OUT OF STOCK.

COLT Bolt Carrier (Carrier only stamped)

COLT " Stamped" Carrier

Pic coming soon. Colt Full auto profile carrier only, These are not like the new production carriers these are stamped with the C on the side.S.A.C OUT OF STOCK.

Colt CH 7075 Aluminum.

Colt Charging Handle

Made of 7075 Aluminum these CH are a great addition to your M16/AR15 They have a non friction coat on them, for a nice easy charge of the weapon. Those of you who have the cage ch will recognize that they are the same ch minus the numbers  IN STOCK S.A.C PRICE: 30.00



We have nicknamed this BCG the BLEM but its anything but a BLEM the only difference that these have compared to the regular FA BCG is on the line they were skipped when they make the C mark on them, and we have a nice little stock of them so since we get a discount on them we pass that on to the customer. Get a Colt Original BCG F/A for the super sale price of? S.A.C  TEMP OUT OF STOCK

Colt Cage Charging Handle

Colt Cage Code CH (Rare Part)

Colt Cage Code CH these are no longer made I have a very limited stock left probably the last couple dozen NEW ones left out there.

NO Special prices on these if you want to get one before these dry up the price is a few more dollars but these are the best. Made of 7075 These are the real deal in quality, and are All Black as well with cage numbers on the bottom. S.A.C. PRICE 39.99 OUT OF STOCK POSSIBLY MORE BUT UNSURE?